Delivering on our commitments is a key pillar of our business strategy.

COMIKA is a registered indigenous Congolese mining cooperative with several mining sites in mining communities in the eastern regions of Congo. It specializes in mining non-ferrous metals such as gold and is a producer of Copper, Tin, and Coltan.
COMIKA is the best option for those who are looking to buy gold and other minerals in Congo on a good price, because COMIKA is focused on delivering reasonable and sustainable value for their people, stakeholders and host communities, now and in the future.

The mission of the COMIKA is to transform/convert mineral resources into shared values of their stakeholders and lead/rule the industry in shareholder returns, safety, social responsibility and environment stewardship.
COMIKA provides the best platform for the people who are interested to be investors and purchase gold in Congo, because COMIKA believe that the protection of the health and wellbeing of our people, environmental stewardship and being a catalyst for sustainable economic empowerment in our host communities are not just the right things to do, We are good for our business. We have the capacity to meet their clients’ gold dust demand on a weekly or monthly basis, based on their purchasing power, as well as meet their contractual obligations to their other beloved customers around the globe.
COMIKA also buy from informal miners, also known as Wacibaji in the local Language. We have the capacity to produce 100-500 kilos of gold dust / bars per month with numerous mining sites in Katanga, North and South Kivu Provinces, Kalehe, and Itombwe. We believe that the workers in COMICA Corporation behave ethically and respect each other and the customs, cultures and laws wherever they operate.

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